Spoilt for choice? – Navigating the whisky world with a little help from the UK’s leading subscriptions

Spoilt for choice?

Navigating the whisky world with a little help from the UK’s leading subscriptions

Whether you’re a veteran searching for your next bottle discovery, or a budding newbie keen to start your exploration of the world of whisky, making a selection can be daunting. Whisky possesses a vast range of diverse styles and flavours – and hard to pronounce Gaelic names and esoteric tasting notes don’t make choosing your next bottle any easier a prospect.

Fortunately regardless of where you are on your whisky journey, there’s always assistance to found.

Whisky subscription services are not just a respected chaperone that will guide you through your continued whisky journey – they’re also a valuable route to encouraging you to explore off the beaten track.

Whisky is produced globally and has equally become a shared global passion. Taking out a subscription will allow you to expand your drinking horizons (sometimes leaving the comfort of Scotland behind you) and get acquainted with the incredible diversity of distilling traditions and liquid styles that are available.

Expertly curated whisky selections not only help you learn more about whisky, expand your palate, and find new favourites – they also offer the surprise of not knowing what’s around the corner!

In the UK, there are several leading whisky subscription services. Here we present the best known two – and what they say about each other!

The Dram Team (thedramteam.co.uk)

The Dram Team delivers out-of-the-ordinary whisky tastings by post, so you can enjoy a high-end whisky tasting experience in the comfort of your own home. Across a range of flexible subscription options, you’ll be able to explore an impressive selection of whiskies, each curated around a fun and educational theme, and with real commitment to quality – with the bottles you get to sample costing an average of £50 RRP at full size (and the dream “sixth dram” weighing in at £125+ for a full bottle!). The Dram Team’s tasting club is Scotch-centric and single malt focussed, but they are big fans of premium blends and quality world whiskies too. Try 6 drams a month, find a new favourite, and learn a thing or two about whisky on the way!

I love the idea of creating your own tasting experience at home, sitting back with your flight of drams, exploring fantastic whisky.

It’s an excellent way to broaden your whisky horizons, giving you access to so many great expressions. When you think about the equivalent cost of trying a range of drams at a bar, this is a no brainer!

With an expert taking the time to curate your whiskies, ensuring there no disappointments, you know that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Dan Humphrey – Summerton Whisky Club

Summerton Whisky Club (summertonclub.com)

Summerton Whisky Club sources the finest artisan whiskies and delivers them directly to your door. Members of the Club help distilleries and producers grow whilst they discover a wide range of incredible whiskies from around the world, including exclusive releases that are not available anywhere else.

Summerton Whisky Club takes members on a journey through whisky – sharing the best from around the world. Members have enjoyed some of the most exciting whiskies, including single malts, blended malts, blends, grains, bourbons and ryes. The Club has access to expressions from (but not limited to): Scotland; America; Japan; Taiwan; England and Sweden.

Members pay just £50 per delivery to receive a bottle every second month of the year. Not only does this offer excellent value of money – with bottles that won’t be found cheaper anywhere else – but also, some of the Summerton Club delivers are exclusives and/or not available in certain markets.

Club membership is about much more than just a subscription delivery. There is an active and vibrant online Summerton community that holds tastings to enjoy their bottles together, alongside lively discussions and plenty of whisky camaraderie

First and foremost, what I love about the Summerton Club offering is the fascinating range of styles, with both epic world whiskies and more uncommon categories of Scotch shared with subscribers so far.

The Dram Team is all about exploring whisky and learning what else is out there to be appreciated, and Summerton Club do a great job of exemplifying that same ethos – in full-bottle size form and at a great monthly price.

You cannot argue with the value for money – every bottle is a bargain.

Chris Borrow – The Dram Team



Both subscription services offer two very different types of whisky experience. But neither lock you into a long-term contract. You’re in control at all times and can stop your subscription any time… although we can’t see why you would!