Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Despite all the hype about turning our backs on alcohol, the latest figures suggest as a nation we are spending more than ever but the trend is for quality over quantity.

Whisky is experiencing strong growth as we become more adventurous in our choice and seek out the rare and the different from both at home and across the globe.  We want to explore and taste what’s out there and there is a definite growth in our appreciation of the quality and range of whiskies coming from the traditional Scotch and Irish brands, as well as renowned international offerings from the US, Japan and Canada.  And let’s not forget the new wave of distilleries that have been bringing innovation and creativity to Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, as well as Europe and further afield.

Compared to a few years back we are seeing a new level of research, innovation and investment going into the whisky industry which is very exciting and can only mean that we will learn more, taste more, appreciate more and thanks to our team here at the Summerton Whisky Club have a much broader and more sophisticated offering of whisky in our drinks cupboard. 

We have developed a greater understanding and liking for smokier and deeper peaty tones as well as fruity, spicy, sherry, earthy and much more to bring a wonderful complexity of flavours to the fore.  Testament to the unstoppable rise of whisky is demand out-stripping supply of some great expressions. Japanese whisky for instance has won many accolades for producing some of the finest expressions in the world and raising the bar on quality, but is now a very scarce commodity.

Long may the growing scale of our exploration continue and our insatiable appetite for more knowledge and more exquisite creations drive the industry forward.   Whisky lovers are on a great journey of discovery and based on current trends this can only get better and better.

Taking that first step into the world of whisky can be a little daunting if you’re a novice.  But with the expertise of the Summerton Club behind you, doing all the research, selecting the very best expressions on offer at home and abroad, and delivering it to your door you can relax in the knowledge that you are getting the very best in terms of quality and value for money.  Behind every bottle of the month is a story of exploration, discovery, learning, enjoyment and sharing, well maybe not the latter!

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