Love VALUE? Join the Club!

When you’re spending your hard-earned cash, you want to be sure you’re getting good value for money.

Founder Dan Humphrey created the Summerton Whisky Club when he wanted to buy a special bottle for his whisky-loving dad at Christmas, but was left feeling uninspired by the relatively limited selection the supermarket shelves. He wanted to find something his Dad may not have tried before or heard about and started to think it would be fantastic to receive aged whiskies throughout the year so he could learn more about it. Failing to find anything suitable online, Dan decided to set up his own whisky club, sourcing rare, unique craft whiskies from across the world… and one of Dan’s core beliefs was that no-one should be able to find the same bottle at the time of delivery for less than the £50 membership price.

It’s these beliefs that have seen Summerton Whisky Club grow from strength to strength over the past year, delivering incredible whiskies to new and old members alike, and most of all, offering excellent value for money. 

Is it value… or PERCEIVED value?

Value CAN be tricky… a lot of drinks subscriptions LOOK great from the outside, with deliveries packed with ‘freebies’ and ‘extras’ – but be sure to take a closer look… these additional items are often added to create a higher perceived value, making a lower value bottle look better. Summerton Club, however, are in it for the whisky and the whisky alone. That means the £50 you pay for membership goes into the very best bottles.

Take a look at the comparison chart below. Between March 2018 and October 2019, Summerton Whisky Club delivered £705 worth of Whisky (based on the retail price at time of delivery) to each club member over 10 deliveries. Those 10 deliveries cost each member £500, saving them £205. Now that’s value for money!

Summerton Whisky Club’s Guide to drinks subscription clubs.

  1. Worried about the bottles stacking up? Summerton Whisky Club send a delivery every other month, but you can you pause deliveries if you want to.
  2. Are the bottles full size? Some clubs only send smaller bottles out. Summerton Whisky Club always send full size.
  3. Does the bottle come with any freebies? Be careful about this Dan advises, cheap unwanted extras such as crisps, nuts, mixers or glasses may lure people into thinking they are getting more for their money at the detriment to the quality or value of the spirit or wine. Summerton choose to plough the price of the subscription into the very best bottles they can source – nothing else.
  4. What are the Ts and Cs? Always read the small print. For instance, how easy is it to cancel? Summerton Whisky Club is completely transparent – you can end membership at the click of a button by logging into your account rather than having to hunt for a phone number or have a sales person convince you to stay
  5. Are you getting a full experience? At Summerton they don’t take your money and run. Dan and his team of whisky experts take the time to speak to their members and personally answer any questions online or over the phone. They offer priority tickets for Summerton events such as private tastings, whisky festivals and distillery tours too.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and join the club, please click here. We also offer gift memberships if you’d like to have bottles delivered to friends, family or colleagues.