Get Your Whisky Fix – European Channels

Get your Whisky Fix

The whisky world is a fantastic and engaging community, with so many great sources of whisky information. To help everyone find this material we’re creating guides, starting with Whisky YouTube Channels.

Here’s our list of European Whisky Channels:
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Whisky Jason

Whisky from the viewpoint of an American in Germany tasting rare and exotic whisky

Ear Whisky

Ear Whisky is a YouTube-channel, which takes its inspiration from the podcast format. With whisky folk from around the world joining as guests, Ear Whisky brings in-depth conversations, both from industry insiders to mortal whisky lovers. It’s been said, that Ear Whisky is the Joe Rogan Experience of the whisky tube community. Decide for yourself.

Greg’s Whisky guide

Greg’s Whisky Guide is a channel in English (mainly) created by Gregoire Sarafian (from France). He mainly talks about Whisky with a global approach (every kind of whisky) helped in that by 20 years of tasting & 15 years of blending.

A Whisky Journey

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