COVID-19 update: Keeping the spirit flowing

COVID-19 update: Keeping the spirit flowing

We don’t think of you just as our customers – you’re our whisky family. And families stick together through the good times and the bad. We’re committed to supporting ‘our family’ through this crisis and are doing as much as we can for those whose lives and indeed livelihoods may well be affected over the coming months.

We are working hard to continue to bring our growing community of whisky enthusiasts together as much as possible – exploring the opportunities presented by online events and virtual tastings to keep the spirit flowing from the comfort of your homes.

We’ll still be continuing to deliver you exceptional whiskies for you to discover and enjoy. But we wanted to outline the measures we’re taking to ensure that both you and our staff/contractors remain safe at all times.

  • We’re open and still able to accept new members to receive our June Club Bottle
  • Our packing company are following the WHO precautions to protect both your deliveries and themselves
  • Our couriers are similarly taking all due precautions to protect their employees and the recipients of deliveries
  • UK deliveries are currently being completed within standard timeframes. Europe-wide orders may take a little time longer than normal because of heightened restrictions on movement

We will have some exciting news about our 30th May Whisky Festival 

With best wishes.

Stay safe.

Summerton Whisky Club


If you’re ready to join the club, please click here. We also offer gift memberships if you’d like to have bottles delivered to friends, family or colleagues.