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The whisky world is a fantastic and engaging community, with so many great sources of whisky information. To help everyone find this material we’re creating guides, starting with Whisky YouTube Channels.





TopWhiskies want to make whisky fun and accessible, with bite-sized videos that demystify whisky. So if you like whisky, or you’d like to like whisky, check out their YouTube channel for light-hearted videos that will share a few insights, insights you can then share with your friends over a dram.

No Nonsense Whisky

There are only two things that matter at No Nonsense Whisky, taste and value for money. If you’re after quick, honest, and waffle free reviews then this is the place for you! Whisky for the drinkers, not the collectors.

The Whisky Friend

Malt Box

Malt Box is hosted by Manchester Whisky club founder Andy, who takes an informal and non-pretentious approach to whisky. They’ll be gaffes, they’ll be cats, and they’ll be some good banter. Andy regularly encourages discussion and isn’t afraid to rock the boat. Like being in the pub…

The Whisky Trials

New Dram Drinker

New Dram Drinker are on a journey of discovery! Relatively new to whisky, we have our own unique style of fun and energy and live by the motto ‘pour it drink it enjoy it’! Follow our experiences in the whisky community on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram @newdramdrinker and @mrsnewdramdrinker

Whisky Whims

I created Whisky Whims with the intention of reaching an audience that I believe hadn’t been addressed before: the younger yet obviously legal-to-drink audience. I hope my reviews that I share through YouTube, Instagram and Facebook reach that audience but also appeal to everyone else. “Whisky for Everyone”.

Whisky Shared

Follow my journey discovering whisky and sharing with others. YouTube reviews and blind tastings every week.

Whisky Novice

The primary aim of my channel is to give consumers honest and open opinions on each whisk(e)y I review. If I can bring a little light entertainment and involve other “whisk(e)y-tubers” in the process of these reviews…then I’ll endure to do so.

The Last Drop

This is The Last Drop and I am Chris. My journey in whisky started on YouTube and has taken me to some amazing places! I talk about Whisky, Cognac and now RUM! (#drinkmorerum) Live streams and vlogs to boot. Let’s taste it!

Whisky Straight Al

I’m Big Al and welcome to Whiskey Straight where we can share a dram together and you can join my ‘spiritual’ odyssey through the wonderful world of whiskey. So, let’s enjoy the journey together and enjoy the ‘craic’ along the way.

Jeff Whisky

Jeff has an irreverent and likeable approach to reviewing affordable and accessible whiskies. His laid-back approach is an endearing way to remove any notion of snobbery around whisky. While he (occasionally) slaps his whisky around, bringing folk from all around the whisky community with him, he’s sure to bring a smile with some tongue-in-cheek videos around his whisky passions!

The Kilted Drammer

Views and reviews from Garry, based in Cawdor in the Scottish Highlands (500 yards from Brackla distillery), mainly single malt Scotch reviews, but all world whiskies may grace my palate as and when they appear on my table

The Whiskey Nerd

A husband and wife team exploring the world of whiskey through fun videos, short reviews and interesting cocktails!

Kanpai Planet

Kanpai Planet is on a mission to demystify, democratise and help people discover the world of Japan’s drinks, direct from the heart of Tokyo. Since humble beginnings in February 2021, it’s grown quickly thanks to in-depth, timely information and high-quality production standards.

McIntyre’s Malts

Welcome to McIntyre’s Malts, I’m Wade and I’m obsessed with Malt Whisky. From the smell and the taste, to how it’s made and the story that each whisky tells us, I’m fascinated by all things whisky.

On this channel, I share with you the wonders of whisky so you too can fall in love with this wonderful spirit.

If you are curious about whisky – What it tastes like, how it’s made, where it comes from, which ones are better (and why) and how to enjoy it, then you are in the right place!

Whisky Jason

Greg’s Whisky Guide

Whisky is a Journey

This channel is all about my journey with a whiskey. I will select a whiskey, live with it for a week or more, give first impressions, tasting notes, and how the whiskey changes based on the day and my experience with it. I will also provide any additional information surrounding the whiskey’s history, price and availability.

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