Best Whisky Gifts for Whiskey Drinkers 2022 (Not Bottles)

Best Alternative Whisky Gifts for Whiskey Drinkers 2022

What to get the whisky fan for Christmas? Well, the obvious answer is a bottle of whisky (and if that’s what you’re looking for, have a quick look here at our Club Members recommendations).

However, choosing a bottle of whisky for someone can be hard; do you get their favourite, or do you get them something different? It’s a pretty tough choice and can be a risky decision. To help you along, we’ve asked the Members at Summerton Whisky Club for their recommendations for whisky drinkers that isn’t whiskey!

Best Whisky Glasses Gifts for Christmas

The best place to start is a whisky glass, maybe a modern design, or a classic. Or perhaps something a little more personal?
Glencairn Whisky Glass Christmas 2022 Gifts


Many of our Members recommend what is probably the ‘classic’ whisky glass for whisky drinkers – The Glencairn Glass.

Starting at £4.90 on the official site, it’s a great place to start if they don’t have one yet. If they do (and they probably will!), then there’s also the options for engraving, or adding the host of accessories that complete the whisky experience. I personally like the idea of having a ‘Christmas Whisky Glass’ – just the one you bring out over the Christmas week with the fine china. People still do that right?

As well as the official site, remember to check out distillery shops as they tend to have their own branded glasses, if you know they have a favourite!

norlan whisky glass whisky gift for christmas 2022


Our Member Lee recommended the Norlan Whisky Glass. This rather distinctive glass has been growing in popularity over the years and makes a great gift. I think it falls quite nicely in the ‘I want one, but I never end up buying one for myself’ type of gift for a whisky drinker.

The glass was designed with the help of Jim McEwan, so it’s got legs (if you’ll pardon the pun). The double-walled design is really eye-catching and will set it apart from the collection. The best part, £38.40 on the site gets you two, so you might get to try one as well. Unless they start on their own comparison tasting of course!

Angels Share Glass Christmas Whisky Gift 2022

Angels' Share Spirits Glass

Sue recommended this rather pretty glass from Angels’ Share Glass. Not only do they offer personalisation, they also have the option of a oak stave stand to go with the glass, which adds a very nice addition.

Even if you aren’t looking for glasses, I’d certainly recommend having a browse of their site. They have some lovely droppers, hipflasks and Christmas baubles in their Christmas selection.

A Whisky Subscription

summerton whisky club best gift

Full Bottle Subscription

£50 Bi-Monthly at Summerton Club

Our Members already know about us and helped create this article, but if you’re looking for an ideal whisky gift then a Summerton Whisky Subscription is, if we do say so ourselves, a fantastic option. You can gift the subscription here and every two months we’ll send your loved one a fantastic bottle of whisky to help them on their whisky journey. You can either pay bi-monthly, or choose a 6 or 12 month fixed subscription.

Whisky Pioneer Best Gift for Whiskey Drinkers

Miniature Subscription

From £7 at Whisky Pioneer
If you’d prefer miniatures as a gift, then we’d also recommend Whisky Pioneer as a great choice, as it allows subscribers to explore, discover and enjoy great whisky from around the world.
What stands Whisky Pioneer out among miniature subscriptions is that its packaging is made from plastic picked up on Indonesian beaches and riverfronts, before it is washed out to the ocean, meaning that subscribers are removing waste from the world dram by glorious dram!

Stocking Fillers for Whiskey Drinkers 2022

A couple of little items to treat the whiskey aficionado
glencairn whisky stock filler 2022

Glencairn Glass Lapel Pin Badge

£5 at Glencairn Online Shop.
A nice little accessory for attending a whisky festival. Not that we have a special outfit that we wear when we attend, or have to make sure it’s coordinated, or wonder if we can get away with wearing a kilt even though you were born in Kent…

I’m just saying it’s nice to make an effort!

cufflinks whiskey drinkers gift 2022

Whisky Still Cufflinks

£12 Scotch Malt Whisky Experience.

I’m just saying, if I’m going to have the pin, then the cufflinks will tie it together won’t they? Plus, I can wear my proper shirt that I haven’t worn in ages!

whisky cufflinks christmas gift 2022

Whisky Wood Cufflinks

These are a little posher, but couldn’t resist mentioning as a nice whisky drinkers gift. Cufflinks made from actual whisky casks from specific distilleries. Choose from Macallan, Highland Park, Bushmills, Caol Ila to name a few – and the metal choice, logo, text.
For £33, that’s a rather thoughtful personalised gift. Available from

whisky tasting notebook whisky gift

Whisky Notebook / Journal

Journaling is pretty popular these days, but this isn’t about writing about the ‘Top 3 Drams I’m thankful for’ or how you felt when the bar didn’t have a decent whisky menu. This is about recording and chronicling the whisky you try and helping to find your ideal whisky.

A quick search will find a whisky journal to suite any budget, but our Members do recommend getting one with a flavour wheel. Here’s a nice example of quick an upmarket version

Whisky Tasting Journal whisky gift

Summerton Whisky Club Tasting Notes Booklet

Or, if you really like the idea and want to support the Club, check out our whisky tasting booklet here. 

A bargain at only £4.95 including shipping.

Whisky Books

malt whisky yearbook 2023 best gifts for whiskey fans

Our Members Recommendations

There’s far too many to mention here, but our members had some great recommendations. However it really depends where someone is on their whisky journey, if they prefer the more informative style, the ‘Pokémon’ gotta-catch-em-all style, or something a bit more story driven.

Malt Whisky Yearbook is a great annual gift with varied articles about what’s been happening in the whisky world.
Everything You Need to Know About Whisky was recommended by several of our members. It discusses the history, as well as how to enjoy and collect whisky
101 whiskies to try before you die is a great whisky book for those starting out. However written in 2012, it might be a bit outdated now.
Peat Smoke and Spirit is a fantastic book to read for lovers of Islay whisky. Not entirely focused on whisky, but more how the island, geography and people.

Sue also mentioned a great idea of searching for some older whisky books.
“Whisky books do date but I love picking up some second hand ones as they can be historical in their own right.”
Just be careful reminiscing about the prices 20 years ago!

A Distillery!

A tongue-in-cheek answer, but many of our members said they wanted a distillery for Christmas - and who doesn't?! To be clear, owning a still in the UK is subject to laws, regulations and licenses - however there's no harm in looking.
Decorative Alembic Pot Still Gift 2022

A Decorative Alembic Pot Still

The first is a decorative Alembic copper pot still from Priced at around £17, this charming little still is only 10cm high, so even if it did run, you’re not going to be taking on Macallan anytime soon! However it’s a nice little ornament for a whisky fan.

istill whisky gift

The Modern Option

The iStill iMini (Development and Training Still), is an interesting option for those looking to fulfil the dream, those purchasing also get access to the iStill University course. Ten litres in size and more importantly, can be controlled from an app!

“Alexa, make whisky!”

As usual, this list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully this will provide a bit of inspiration for those looking to get a whisky gift for the whisky fan. Overall though, remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Thank you to all Summerton Whisky Club members who shared their thoughts to help create this guide.

Post written by Jon. Prices correct at time of publishing.