September '18

ABK6 Rare XO Cask Finish Cognac

Great Cognac starts with the vines. Since the early 1990's, when Francis Abécassis purchased his first Domaine, the Abécassis family have been working their vines on a daily basis, utilising sustainable growing techniques to produce their fantastic Ugni-Blanc grapes. These grapes are pressed on site immediately after harvesting to preserve the aromatic richness of the grapes.

After distillation, their young eau-de-vie starts its ageing process in new oak barrels, to acquire colour and personality, before being transferred into barrels between five and ten years old, which develops its aromatic complexity. Their Cognac ends its ageing process in much older barrels, which develop its suppleness and roundness. This process occurs in their twenty cellars, which vary from dry to humid, all impacting their casks in different manners. The Cellar Master controls this process, deciding when to transfer the golden treasure between casks and cellars.

This focus on every aspect from vine to bottle many years later has ensured Domaines Francis Abécassis creates multiple award-winning Cognac, something that is a pleasure to share with our members. 

Despite being one of the younger Cognac houses, with nearly 550 acres of vines Domaines Francis Abécassis is also one of the largest independent Cognac producers. Their production is spread over a number of estates, each with its own distillery, master-distiller and brand, ensuring each creates its own unique Single Estate Cognac. There are so many great and acclaimed expressions of their craft, but we have chosen to share the brand that carries the family name, ABK6. 

ABK6 Rare XO Cask Finish ends its maturation in their finest used XO casks, delivering a unique complexity from their previous XOs. With only twelve casks selected to finish this masterpiece, it's a real treat to share this limited edition expression of Domaines Francis Abécassis's expertise with our members. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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