The Whistler Blended Malt – The Good, The Bad & The Smoky


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70CL. 48% ABV. Non-Chill Filtered. Natural Colour.

Nose: A playful interlude between campfire smoke, sweetness and a slight salinity. Almonds and juicy blackcurrants hide beneath the subtle smoke.
Palate: Campfire embers with herbal spice, cereal sweetness, and a light caramel creaminess.
Finish: Long, smoky embers with a slight spice and sweetness remaining.

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The Whistler Blended Malt – The Good, the Bad & the Smokey

Every gun makes its own tune and this one’s a melody of peated heat and smooth blended single malts.

Having spent the first part of its life in ex-bourbon barrels, this was finished it in peated quarter casks for a minimum of 12 months, giving this whiskey a campfire peated finish of outlaw days and sandblasted spice where whiskey was gold and justice was lead.

Distilled, Matured & Bottled on Irish Plains.