Stauning Single Maple Syrup Cask Rye Whisky


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This whisky was born on the west coast of Denmark and illustrates Stauning’s unwavering commitment to the innovation of whisky. Their whisky is produced with the finest Danish rye, which is 100% floor malted, capturing the unique essence of the lush landscape and fresh coastal breezes. By using processes that are deeply rooted in tradition, but with a completely modern approach, they can produce an well as innovative Danish whisky from 100% floor malted grain, which is double distilled in small copper pot stills over an open fire.

The soul of this whisky lies in its final finish in Maple Syrup casks from Vermont. This experimental cask aging provides a delicate blend of spice and sweetness, resulting in a whisky that is seductively beautiful.

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DENMARK • 70CL • 60.1%ABV


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A standout from our Summerton Sipping Session Rye Tasting earlier this year; a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation and sibling rivalry.

This cask’s ‘sister’ (literally the one next to it on the shelf) went on to win the World’s Best Single Cask Rye at the World Whisky Awards 2023*.

This is the single cask, cask-strength version that has become a Stauning Limited Edition