Mackmyra Moment Brukswhisky DLX II


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“Moment Brukswhisky DLX II is a deluxe version of our classic Brukswhisky. How would the Brukswhisky taste if it was further aged and smoky? It would taste like matured pears, raisins and citrus fruits embedded in a soft blanket of smoke, with peat and juniper notes. Brukswhisky DLX II has the answers, with fine spicy notes of vanilla caramel fudge and toasted oak casks that denotes the original recipe, but in a whole new light. Brukswhisky DLX II is between 9-11 years old and was aged in the Bodås Mine warehouse. The colour is a natural light golden yellow. Bottled in 2021 in only 1999 bottles.


  • Ex-Bourbon (200L), Smoky tail distillate. Aged 11 years

  • Freshly saturated Oloroso casks (128L) filled w. 5-7 years old ex-Bourbon-cask whisky. Aged 9-11 years.

  • Svensk Ek (100L), filled w. 4 years old ex-Bourbon-cask whisky. Aged 9-11 years.

  • Ex-Bourbon (100L), filled w. Smoke-tail from 2010. Aged 11 years.

Light tones of peat and smoke followed by Oak Casks and fruitiness. Honey, vanilla and roasted bready tones. Soft, fruity notes of pears, citrus and a hint of raisins.

Soft smoke with peat, juniper, vanilla caramel, ripe pears and citrus. Soft, herbal spices with vanilla and roasted oak, light notes of fruitiness with citrus, pear and raisins. A light oily texture.

Spices of peat and juniper together with notes of roasted oak. Soft, fruitiness and tones of tobacco leaves.


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