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We are very pleased to offer our members the opportunity to purchase this beautiful whisky at a heavily subsidised price.


“Moment Brukswhisky DLX is the deluxe version of our classic Brukswhisky; the recipe is the same except that the whisky has been further aged. The whisky has undergone an exciting transformation that has resulted in a richer and more complex palate, with buttery notes of caramel and vanilla. The fruity notes of pear and citrus found in the original Brukswhisky are now more ripe in nature.

In the background echoes light and spicy notes of toasted oak, juniper and peat. Brukswhisky DLX is between 9-14 years old and was aged in the Bod s Mine warehouse. The colour is natural and light golden yellow. Bottled in 2021 in only 1999 bottles.”


  • Ex-Bourbon (200 L), Elegant distillate. Aged 14 years
  • Oloroso casks (128 L) filled w. 4 years old ex-Bourbon-cask whisky. Aged 9 11 years.
  • Svensk ek (100 L), filled w. 4 years old ex-Bourbon-cask whisky. Aged 9 11 years.
  • Ex-Bourbon (100 L), filled w. Smoke-tail from 2010. Aged 11 years.

Soft vanilla with caramel, honey and chocolate. Finely roasted, bready notes of oak and spicy herbs with light tobacco leaves, leather, white pepper and eucalyptus. Soft, fruity notes of pears, citrus and a hint of raisins.

Buttery vanilla caramel, ripe pears and citrus. Soft, herbal spices with anise and pepper, light notes of roasted oak, peat and juniper.

Soft citrus and pear fruit that ends with slightly spicy notes of roasted oak and vanilla.