Whisky SubscriptionSummerton Whisky Club Gift Voucher


A Summerton Whisky Club Gift Voucher allows your recipient to start their whisky subscription with the first month paid for by you! You will receive a £50 gift voucher to print and present on the big day. The voucher will include instructions on how your recipient can join the club and receive their first bottle for free.


Our whisky delivery months are February, April, June, August, October and December. So – if you subscribe in January, your recipient will receive their first bottle in February, and the next in April. The cut-off for subscribing to receive the next bottle is the 4th of each delivery month.

Our entire collection of Whiskies meet and exceed the strict criteria set by founder, Daniel Humphrey.

  • The Whisky must be aged to perfection
  • Not the kind of bottles you’d find on the supermarket shelf
  • Pass the Summerton Club taste test – yes, we take great care to sample every Bottle of the Month extensively
  • We only ever supply ‘full’ bottles – not miniatures, drams or samplers

Summerton Whisky Club is the ideal way to add to your drinks cabinet and be introduced to distilleries and makers whom you might otherwise not come across.

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