Gift Subscription Monthly

Gift Subscription Monthly
£600.00 Once


Gift a Summerton Club subscription to friends and family, and we will deliver a bottle of Whisky, Rum or Brandy from our expertly curated collection to their front door on (or just after) the 21st of every month for one year, starting next month.

Our entire collection of aged spirits meet and exceed the strict criteria set by founder, Daniel Humphrey. 

  • The spirits must be aged to perfection
  • Not the kind of bottles you'd find on the supermarket shelf
  • Pass the Summerton Club taste test - yes, we take great care to sample every Bottle of the Month extensively
  • We only ever supply 'full' bottles - not miniatures, drams or samplers

The Summerton Club is the ideal way to add to your drinks cabinet and be introduced to distilleries and makers whom you might otherwise not come across.

It's important to note that unlike other subscription boxes, we are so confident you will enjoy your deliveries each month that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

A note on your preferences

Understandably, we are often asked if it is possible to limit deliveries to one type of drink - ie 'I only like whisky' - we urge you to take the plunge into a new world... We are confident that even the most die-hard whisky connoisseur will be pleasantly surprised when they first try one of carefully selected brandies or rums. Why so confident? It's all in the barrel... in short, the ageing process mellows out any harsh notes in the distillate - a perfectly aged spirit will offer a complex range of aromas and taste. This is true of Whisky, Rum AND Brandy - so whilst you may not be a fan of Rum straight from your local supermarket, don't write it off until you've tried one aged to perfection!