Black Fox SE Eleven Cask Finish Canadian Oak Whisky


Our cask finish Canadian whisky is crafted with 100% single grains.

This whisky boasts all of the amazing traits of SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky, and is aged year round under the prairie sky, interacting with the rare elements of the Canadian prairies. The finishing process of using wine casks allows the whisky to take on the unique characteristic of the barrel, and become infused with robust layers of flavour.

Currently, SE Eleven Cask Finish Canadian Whisky is distilled from 100% Oats and finished in a port barrel.

50CL • 47.7% ABV 


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Hello and welcome to the world of Black Fox, We are so very pleased to place in your hands the voice of our land and the soul of its soil – SE Eleven Whisky from Black Fox Farm and Distillery. At Black Fox, our sole purpose is to create exceptional whisky in a rare, authentic, and sustainable manner.

As the farmers and distillers, we pay attention to EVERY little detail, from the time we plant the seeds to the final pour into your glass. It starts with our terroir. Saskatchewan, located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, possesses growing conditions unique in the world known to positively affect grain quality. With this in mind, we carefully select the grain varieties we grow based on flavour.

To align with sustainable agricultural practices, Black Fox Distillery focuses on grains that are suitable for their farming practices. The desire to innovate with flavours within the constraints of our agricultural ecosystem led to the production of an oat whisky. With fewer than ten barrels in its initial run, this 100% oat whisky represents a rarity in the industry, mostly attributable to the technical challenges and lower yield associated with oat fermentation.

The decision to finish this whisky in a port barrel was a strategic one, exploring the effects of various ageing methods. The resulting flavours are exceptionally unique.

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