Wash House Whisky | David Myers

Hi I’m David and I run www.washhousewhisky.com , I’ve had an affinity for whisky dating back to the wonder and mystery of what was in my grandfather’s whisky cupboard. With fantasies of setting up still in his wash House and making my own one day.

Fast forward to adulthood and with my dreams of running a moonshine operation from my grandads Wash House all but dead and buried, along came Instagram with all these people uploading pictures of their whisky. It took 3 years before I plucked up the courage actually start a whisky based account to showcase what’s in my whisky cupboard, and obviously when I did there was only one name that came to mind.

The more I’ve immersed my self in whisky, the more I’ve wanted be a part of the industry so in 2020 I decided to start a website/blog with all of my tastings and make a documentary of sorts about my journey from looking to fill a cask with new make spirit to all the years spent waiting to see how it will turn out, and finally every thing I’d need to do to get it to market.


From still to sale, the journey of an indie bottler.

The Islands