the.whisky.novice | Adam Davis

I’ve loved whisky for many years and during the lockdown period I weighed up studying for my work exams or obtaining a certification in whisky production just for some fun. Safe to say my priorities did not match the advice of my partner so I decided to compromise and study for my work exams whilst starting a Whisky Review page on Instagram called the.whisky.novice.

I started drinking whisky around ten years ago but my love for it really started when I went to my first whisky festival. I was asked to try a Japanese whisky called “Nikka from the Barrel” before adding a drop of water and noticing the significant change in taste. It was at this point that I realised that there is a whole world of whisky out there to be explored. Different tastes, textures, countries and distilleries to explore and much more.

Although I am not usually one for social media, I wanted to start tracking the whiskys I was tasting so I set up an Instagram account for this purpose and found a whole whisky community with a passion for the liquid gold we love, sharing stories and recommendations.

I’m not a professional whisky taster and I envy those who can differentiate between each individual flavour and smell a whisky can produce. I do however believe that drinking whisky is also an experience rather than just down to individual flavours.

It was on this basis I started the.whisky.novice and the page is to give reviews for all levels of whisky drinkers and is there to inform them simply of whether the whisky is a sweet or peaty number for example along with the general feel of the whisky in the mouth. Random facts linked to the whisky/distillery (some are loosely linked I admit) are also provided for a bit of fun. The whiskys I review in general are affordable along with the fine bottles that Summerton Club send me every two months, which I must admit is a real highlight of my month when it arrives.

I am currently saving for my own whisky cask and hope to age the liquid in the barrel for 12 years before bottling. I know this can be a real investment with profits to be made however I can’t help but feel bottling my own whisky and having many of these bottles in display at home will be more satisfying than profit.

There’s so many new distilleries from varying countries producing some high quality whisky at the moment and I can’t wait to experiment with them in the near future. Here’s to the new year and hopefully I can bump into some of you in person at some whisky events in 2021.

I’m on Instagram as the.whisky.novice. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.