SpeakofWhisky | Michael Hoffmann

I came across my first whisky in the late 1990s through a colleague who was interested in whisky. I can no longer remember the brand, but then approached the world of Scotch whisky myself via Lagavulin and Talisker to get started.

Soon after, my first trip to Scotland and my first visit to a whisky distillery (Glen Moray) took place.

Since then I have been to Scotland several times, tasted quite a few whiskies and participated in many tastings. And I always wanted to know more about whisky as a drink, its production and culture.

Then it was only a small step to organise my own tastings for friends.

Two or three years ago, I had the idea to record my experiences around whisky and whiskey in some form or another and gradually created accounts on Instagram and Twitter. In 2020, I added a blog where I occasionally write notes about tastings or whisky events.
From my point of view, a lot has happened in 2020 in terms of whisky, although many events were cancelled, a lot has happened in the whisky sector through digital networking. In particular, the opportunity to take part in virtual tastings or to get to know people in the whisky industry via Twitter groups like the Whisky Circus has made this year a special one.

So I’m already looking forward to 2021, when maybe we can all meet in person once COVID-19 is over.