#AmateurDramAddicts | Tristan Barnett

As a keen whisky fan, I found that tasting on my own and not having good friends to share the experience with was a bit lonely.

In December 2019 I put a simple message out on Facebook asking if any of my mates wanted to be part of a WhatsApp group to chat, discover and learn about whisky (and whiskey).

Within a week there were the magnificent 7 in our group. We started out, just for fun, calling ourselves #DramPorn but when I contacted a distillery to come and talk to us they said they wouldn’t due to the unprofessional nature of our name… Point taken.

So the group chatted it out and we came up with the #AmateurDramAddicts.

Covid hit before we could all meet up in the same room so our tastings went virtual. I’d buy four bottles, each month, and my wife would dram the samples up (so I’d have a bit of a blind tasting).

We’re now a year in and have tasted, shared and enjoyed some fantastic drams… And some we may not revisit. We’ve also had great guests in our tastings to talk about their expertise.

Instagram – amateur.dramaddicts
Twitter – @whiskywizard31