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Meet our Members!

We are privileged to have members across the UK and indeed the World from all walks of life. You’ll find below just a small selection of them as they introduce themselves and the links to their businesses and channels. Click on the member’s title to find out more.

Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
#AmateurDramAddicts | Tristan Barnett
As a keen whisky fan, I found that tasting on my own and not having good friends to share the experience with was a bit lonely.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
SpeakofWhisky | Michael Hoffmann
I came across my first whisky in the late 1990s through a colleague who was interested in whisky. I can no longer remember the brand, but then approached the world of Scotch whisky myself via Lagavulin and Talisker to get started.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
the.whisky.novice | Adam Davis
I’ve loved whisky for many years and during the lockdown period I weighed up studying for my work exams or obtaining a certification in whisky production just for some fun. Safe to say my priorities did not match the advice of my partner so I decided to compromise and study for my work exams whilst starting a Whisky Review page on Instagram called the.whisky.novice.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Whisky Art | Lamberto
I'm an Italian blogger and it's been a year since I launched my Italian blog, where I write whisky reviews with the help of a couple of friends, with some articles concerning news and interviews (some in English). I also have an International IG account, where I basically post the same reviews but in English, usually way before they appear in Italian, with at least one post per day.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Whisky Shared | Toby Field
Having been introduced to the world of Japanese whisky by my 18-year-old son, I was fascinated to learn more and taste it. This started my journey of discovery of all types of whisky and it's been going ever since. I regularly post reviews and blind tastings on YouTube.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
New Dram Drinker | Anthony & Nicky Manton
We are Anthony & Nicky, a husband and wife team who started a whisky journey 2 years ago and decided to share our experiences with YouTube.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Whiskey Chats Podcast | Laurie O’Dwyer
I started recording a podcast, following my exploration of Irish Whiskey, last February, with a release date of St Patrick’s Day 17 March 2020.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Mackmyra | Micky Plummer
I quit engineering in November of 2019 to pursue a career in a whisky. I worked in The Whisky Shop in Glasgow for Xmas 2019 and started part time as a BA with Mackmyra at the beginning of Feb 2020.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Wash House Whisky | David Myers
Hi I’m David and I run , I’ve had an affinity for whisky dating back to the wonder and mystery of what was in my grandfather’s whisky cupboard. With fantasies of setting up still in his wash House and making my own one day.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Whisky Whims | Stuart Allison
I first started with supermarket whisky but was quickly guided to bigger and better things by my girlfriend's dad
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Whiskyside | Matt Dugdale
With whiskyside I'm doing what I can to shine a spot light on different English distilleries and the whisky that's coming out of them. Which is something that will only grow stronger with the upcoming releases over the next few years.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
Love Your Accountants | John Barrow
We are a cloud based accountancy and business advisory firm located in London and Bristol.
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
No Nonsense Whisky | Vin PF
I started NNW as an outlet for my whisky nerdiness because, at the time, there were very few people talking about whisky on YouTube. These days I want to be a resource for the true value of whisky. Not for the investor, but for the drinker
Meet Our Members, Summerton Whisky Club
ATMOSVR LTD | Kevin Blair
ATMOSVR provides 3D virtual tours for Distilleries, be they be beer gin or whisky

What do our members think?

A fantastic whisky club that offers great value on some truly unique whiskies.

Ed Leigh

Great group of people who live whisky, that’s looked after by an amazing club offering the unique and unusual finds!! I am already excited about what the next bottle may be!!

Daniel Ladlow

Perfect . 1st time doing something like this an will carry on doing Summerton Club .Cheers guys who set this up everyone who likes their high end sprits should sign up

Simon Hanscombe

The club represents fantastic value for money, a rare feat for whisky clubs. The whiskies all seem rare or unique in some way too, great club for those who are interested in the many profiles whisky has to offer from around the world.

Adam Beckett

What’s not to love? Once a month a beautiful new bottle of spirit delivered to my door. Not had one yet I didn’t like. Great product, great service. Five stars all round

David Worcester

Carefully selected bottles to your door. Often less than you could buy in the shops or exclusives you can’t even buy online. What more could you want? Very pleased with my subscription

Toby Field

Fantastic service and great team… amazing for anyone who enjoys whisky.

Greg Rankin

Highly recommended was just what I was looking for

Lewis Wylde

Fantastic range of spirits and great offers.

Stephen Cross

Incredible club this, I’ve been recommending it to everyone since the Mackmyra Moment bottle in October. I looked at other subscription services and clubs at the time but they seemed to offer a lot less for a more money, offering simple off-the-shelf bottles or tasters, as opposed to Summerton Club’s rare or limited release bottles. Keep up the good work guys, you’ve got a long term club member in me.