February '18

Depaz Port Cask Finish Hors D'Age Rhum Agricole

Martinique's first governor, Jacques Duparquet,established Château Depaz Estate in 1651. Nestled at the foot of volcanic Mount Pelee, at the edge of the Bay of St. Pierre on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, it’s sugar cane plantation is bathed in sunshine.

In 1902 the eruption of Mount Pelee destroyed both the estate and Martinique’s then cultural capital, St Pierre. Victor Depaz revived the estate seven years later, which still benefits from the volcanic soils left by that eruption, giving Depaz rhum it’s flavour characteristics and helping it to win multiple awards. As a Rhum Agricole, their seasonal blue cane is pressed, with its juice distilled, unlike rum made from molasses. Depaz rhum exhibits a complex fruitiness, with floral notes of ripe cane, orange blossom and exotic fruits.

More recently Depaz distillery have been experimenting with finishing in special casks, like the expression we have chosen to share, which sees their blue cane rhum matured for at least eight years. Thereafter, it is transferred into port casks to be finished for eleven months, taking their rhum on one final flavour journey.

We love Port and Rhum, so it’s a perfect combination in our eyes!

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