The Single Cask

Ben Curtis, director of The Single Cask, formerly worked with Ian McWilliam and George Grant, from Glenfarclas, Jonathon Scott of Glengoyne and many other independent distillers and bottlers during his time as their distributor in South-East Asia. During this time, Ben’s interest was piqued with the Glenfarclas ‘Family Cask’ range of single cask bottlings, culminating in Ben’s creation of The Single Cask brand, and the opening of The Single Cask bar in Singapore, now managed by The Single Cask’s whisky guru, Brendan Pillai.

The Single Cask was built on the belief that the search for the perfect dram never ends.

“Every cask we come across in our work is in some way unique, the best of them being well worth searching for. We have made it our mission to seek outstanding individual casks and bottle them as naturally as we can, without filtration, dilution or colouring. Sometimes a rare cask from a lost age will catch our attention, or it might have been left to mature for longer than usual. Most important to us however is that each whisky is something we’d be happy to have at home simply because it tastes exceptional.”

The Single Cask aim to ensure that anyone in the world is able to find an exceptional bottling from their favourite distillery; something that takes them by surprise and makes them see that whisky in a whole new light. More whisky is being distilled every year, so their search for the perfect cask never stops!

The Single Cask initially released four bottlings – Glen Grant 20 year old, Aultmore 22 year old, Strathmill 22 year old , Bunnahabhain 23 year old, and have since gone on the create a huge range of exceptional whiskies.

The key to The Single Cask’s success is the painstaking process they take for choosing a cask – very much a team effort. The casks they choose must be “interesting, standing out from all the other dozens or hundreds of similar casks from that distillery. We never bottle anything that we wouldn’t be happy to have on our shelves at home to share with friends”

Summerton Whisky Club first met Ben Curtis (Director) and Torsten Zimmerman (Brand Ambassador for Europe & USA, Global Sales Manager) at our 2019 Summerton Whisky Festival in St. Albans. The Single Cask exhibited alongside the likes of Mackmyra, Bimber Distillery and Penderyn, bringing along some of their favourites, new releases and best sellers for visitors to sample. It was quite evident the passion, knowledge and experience the team had amongst them, and just why they were so good at finding magical casks.

We knew at that point we had to share one of their bottles with our members in the future.

The Single Cask responded as expected, rising to our challenge to source a cask that would raise the bar on our previous deliveries – not an easy task as we’ve delivered some incredible whiskies even in the last few months (an exclusive Whisky Baron, The Exceptional Blend and Grain, Mackmyra’s Skogshallon to name a few!). We sampled the proposed liquid, and it got all-round approval from the team… and now we simply can’t wait to deliver the exclusive, limited edition bottle to our members.

Don’t miss out!

Due to the extremely limited bottles we have available, at the time of writing there are a very small number available for new members, with a cut-off to join the club by April 4th. If you’re thinking of joining, now’s a great time with a simply superb bottle ready to come your way – don’t leave it too long though, as it’s first come first served, and once they are gone, they are gone!