Welcome to the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery, where we’re making world class single malt whisky, here on the Yorkshire Coast of England.

We believe in doing things properly and we’re obsessed with every step of the growing and distilling process, from field to bottle.

We define each part of the whisky creation process ourselves. We choose the variety of barley based on quality. We farm it sustainably, leading the way with our progressive farming techniques. We use 100% homegrown Yorkshire barley in our Filey Bay whisky. We distil by hand and nose. And we source our casks from the very best cooperages around the world.


Mentored by renowned whisky expert Dr. Jim Swan, our instinctive approach is to create a whisky that doesn’t just replicate Scotch. That doesn’t mean we rely on blind luck – we take the best of tradition and apply new thinking to create something unique: Filey Bay Yorkshire Single Malt Whisky.


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From field to bottle

Farmers for decades…

We’ve been farming at Hunmanby Grange since 1945 and growing high quality malting barley for decades. We’re always evolving our growing methods to ensure we’re as sustainable as possible, from wind turbines in the early 2000s to direct drilling in the 2020s. The farm’s never been connected to mains water – instead all our water is sourced directly from the chalk aquifers beneath the fields.


…Brewers for years

In 2003, we set up the Wold Top Brewery, using our malted barley and water to create award-winning beer. Through the brewery we’ve developed a strong relationship with our local maltsters at the southern end of Filey Bay, keeping our food miles as low as possible. It’s because of this relationship that we can guarantee that every grain of malt we use to brew and distil comes straight from our farm. This makes us one of very few distilleries around the world who can be sure of 100% homegrown barley in every single malt they make.


Combining tradition…

When it came to our two pot stills, only the best would do, so we chose Forsyths in Scotland who’ve been making stills since the 19th century. We also enlisted the help and advice of the late Dr. Jim Swan who has been instrumental in many of the great up and coming forward-thinking world whisky distilleries. His incredible knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas were invaluable as we began and continue to guide us every day. .


…With new thinking

Unusually for single malt whisky, we also use a four-plate copper rectifying column alongside our spirit still for half of the year. Having two distillate styles is another step on our path to a unique distillery style. There’s no ‘one-thing’ however that defines the style of our single malt whisky. We believe it’s the combination of our homegrown barley, use of yeast strains, fermentation times, speed of distillation, still configuration and cask policy, along with our coastal climate, that makes the character of our whiskies so unique. That’s why we’re so excited by the casks maturing patiently in our warehouse.


‘From our very first distillations, we have always set out to create a defined house style and a light, fruity whisky. We have very firm production principles and a 100% field to bottle process. Quality underpins absolutely every aspect of our production from the barley we grow to the casks we source for maturation.
You can’t rush whisky. That is the nature of the spirit and it is incredibly exciting to see our casks yielding a whisky full of character.’
Joe Clark, Whisky Director



Spirit of Yorkshire


Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery
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