October 2021 – Starward Fortis

Starward Fortis Single Malt Australian Whisky

Founded in 2007 by David Vitale, with the aim of creating a uniquely Australian whisky he could offer the world with pride, Starward focuses on local ingredients and influences.


Located in Melbourne, Starward benefits from having all of their key ingredients on their doorstep, such as their Australian barley, brewer’s yeast and Australian wine and Apera (Australian sherry) casks, as well as a warmer climate to impact maturation…which is why Australian rules state that whisky only needs to be aged for a minimum of two years, similar to bourbon (although Starward works to a minimum of three years).


With it’s red wine and apera casks, Starward is full of fruit notes and Fortis is at the more robust end of what they do.

Fortis is the big, bold, bad boy of the Starward range, coming in at 50% abv. This particular batch is fully matured in American oak casks that have previously held Australian red wine. When we talk about American oak and Australian red wine, the wine in question is usually a big bold and fruity Shiraz cask. Fortis is a 50-50 ratio of wet fill to Re-fill casks. We talk about wet fill casks because we source all of our casks from within a one-day drive from the distillery. So when we initially fill the casks they are still saturated in Red Wine. Then for our Re-fill casks, we disgorge our Wet fill casks then send them off to the Cooper. They do a heavy toast followed by a light char, giving the cask a new set of dynamic flavors that we use when we blend that final batch of Fortis together.”


Personally, I’m a huge fan of Fortis, and every time I go back to it, I always pick up new flavours. Whether it’s another sip or having a dram a week later there’s always something new I pick up. Also, it’s great for mixing, because of the higher abv you can use a small amount in a cocktail and all of its flavour still comes through. My favorite cocktail made with it so far was an ice cream float. It was the height of summer so I wanted something cool, refreshing and fun. 30ml Fortis, topped with Peach and Jasmin Soda and a slice of classic Vienetta, trust me it’s delicious”

Callum Rixson Starward UK Brand Ambassador


Member’s Photo Competition

As always we will be running a Member’s Photo Competition this month. To enter, share a picture with your bottle on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag us (@SummertonClub) and use #SummertonWhiskyShots. Every picture you share gets you an entry and there’s no limit to how many times you can enter. Entries start from Saturday 23rd October, please don’t post before as it might ruin the surprise for other members.

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