June 2023 – Black Fox ‘SE Eleven’ Single Grain Whisky

Summerton Whisky Club’s JUNE 2023 Club Bottle

After two more traditional whiskies it’s time to push the boundaries and share something truly unique, which I expect to be a first taste in more than one way for pretty much all Members. Following a recommendation from one of our Members I met with Barb and Jon, the pair behind SE Eleven, who sold their 5,000 acre farm in Saskatchewan to set up Black Fox Farm and Distillery.



Their enthusiasm and passion is infectious, taking their knowledge as world renowned fifth-generation farmers and using it to create a unquestionably unique whisky, with the entire process from farming the grains to ageing their spirit taking place on their land.

Hearing their story and tasting their whisky I knew I had to bring their bottles over to share with the Club… who has had whisky made from Triticale (a wheat-rye hybrid grain)? Or aged outdoors in a field that goes down to -40°C? With only 2,500 bottles of whisky produced last year, we have gotten something special that no one else has! 


Barb and Jon kindly wrote some words to share with everyone:

“Hello and welcome to the world of Black Fox, We are so very pleased to place in your hands the voice of our land and the soul of its soil – SE Eleven Whisky from Black Fox Farm and Distillery. At Black Fox, our sole purpose is to create exceptional whisky in a rare, authentic, and sustainable manner.

As the farmers and distillers, we pay attention to EVERY little detail, from the time we plant the seeds to the final pour into your glass. It starts with our terroir. Saskatchewan, located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, possesses growing conditions unique in the world known to positively affect grain quality. With this in mind, we carefully select the grain varieties we grow based on flavour.

The whisky you are about to enjoy is crafted from Triticale (triticosecale), a cereal grain that is a wheat/rye hybrid, initially developed in the late 1800’s. 

Throughout our distillation we attentively monitor the process, masterfully choosing only the finest spirit to place into the virgin white oak cask. Then we deliberately place our casks outdoors to be nurtured and aged by Mother Nature, 365 days per year, resting until perfection.

This step is unique in the world, exposing our whisky to a temperature range of +35°C to -40°C. As a result, each whisky is a true artful expression of the elements from which it was crafted. We care deeply about this planet, for us sustainability is an action.

We incorporate environmentally friendly soil conservation practices, reduce our use of pesticides, and capture carbon in natural processes. We compost our spent grains for fertiliser, recycle 95% of our water, and incorporate regenerative agriculture practices.

Our aim is to better the land for future generations. These efforts and attention to detail have paid off. SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky has been awarded a Masters Medal from the Whisky Masters, a gold medal in Canada and earned 95 points in the controversial Jim Murray Whisky Bible.

To truly appreciate your unparalleled whisky, you will find a coin engraved with a serial number on top of each bottle. Enter this number into our website, blackfoxfarmanddistillery.com, to access a Certificate of Provenance. Here you will learn the intimate details of your whisky – the grain, the distiller, the temperature range, the hours of sunlight, and much more.

We take great pride in fostering a connection between the land, the farmer, the craftsman, and you. SE Eleven whisky is for sharing. We are extremely proud to share our passion for whisky and farming with all of you.

From our hands to yours, John and Barb”

Member’s Photo Competition

This month’s Member’s Photo Competition will have five winners, each receiving a SE Eleven tasting set containing three of their unique whiskies. To enter, share a picture with your bottle on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag us (@SummertonClub) and use #SummertonWhiskyShots.

Every picture you share gets you an entry and there’s no limit to how many times you can enter. Entries start from the afternoon of Friday 23rd June, please don’t post before as it might ruin the surprise for other members. 



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