February 2019 – Mackmyra Moment Karibien

The Summerton Club’s February 2019 Bottle of the Month

Mackmyra Moment Karibien Swedish Single Malt Whisky

We don’t plan to return to a distillery so soon but were given a fantastic opportunity to share something special with you. Mackmyra have just launched their new limited-edition Moment, Karibien Swedish single malt whisky, which has been mainly aged in Plantation rum casks from Barbados and Jamaica to give a fantastic finish and something that we feel everyone should get to try. The remaining whisky comes from Oloroso sherry and cherry casks.

The result is a spicy, fruity whisky with warm notes of rum and vanilla oak. Only 4,137 bottles of this masterpiece have been created, to be distributed around the world, ensuring Summerton members are getting something rare and unique that most importantly tastes great.

“What started out as a simple exchange of barrels has now developed into something much more: the start of a genuine friendship between Maison Ferrand and Mackmyra encompassing the exchange of ideas, creativity and innovation,” said Plantation founder & cellar master Alexandre Gabriel. Angela D’Orazio, master blender at Mackmyra added, “Moment Karibien may be one of the best ideas we have had so far.” We concur.

Mackmyra’s Moment limited-edition range provide a clear and precise flavour profile that we find exquisite. This differs from their Seasonal range of limited-edition Swedish single malt whiskies that unite a complex range of flavours, to balance them perfectly. A great example was our October Bottle of the Month, Gruvguld, that was a combination of 19 different cask finishes.

We believe that if you were tasting them blind, you’d believe the two ranges come from different distilleries, but still love both.

For those of you new to the Summerton Club, click here for the story of Mackmyra.

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