Club BottlesComing soon – Summerton Single Malt Scotch by The Single Cask

21st March 2020

Raising the bar with an exclusive club bottling.

The facility which is bottling our exclusive Summerton Single Cask has now been closed as a ‘non-essential workplace’. This will unfortunately delay the delivery of our ‘The Single Cask’ April Club bottling. However, we have a worthy replacement – read more here


Following the great feedback for December’s exclusive Whisky Baron bottling for Summerton Club, and February’s hotly anticipated ‘The Exceptional Malt’ we were left wondering: would it possible for us to raise the bar for our members once more?

Challenge accepted.

Whilst we’re holding back the full bottling information for just a little while longer (everyone loves a surprise right?!), we can let you know that we’ve sourced for you:

An exclusive, limited edition, single malt scotch whisky from The Single Cask – for just £50!

Naturally-coloured and non chill-filtered – this first-class single malt whisky has an exceptionally expressive character and is quite remarkably tasty. Just what we look for in a members’ bottling.

The team is certainly excited to be sharing this one with you all soon.

New members – Join, discover & enjoy for £50

Summerton Whisky Club sources the finest whiskies and delivers them directly to your door. And trust us – you don’t want to miss this very special release from from The Single Cask.

Bottle numbers are limited and April 4th is out next cut-off date for joining.

So what are you waiting for?

Join Summerton Whisky Club today!

About The Single Cask

The Single Cask bottles unique whiskies one cask at a time.  They select a unique single cask whisky that represents great Scotch, Irish whiskey, and American bourbon.  They then bottle their award-winning whisky, non-chill filtered, and no artificial colours; all natural, for you to drink.

“We’re passionate about this approach because we feel strongly that the best whisky should be opened, enjoyed and shared; not left to gather dust on a shelf”

You can find out more about The Single Cask, see their latest Cask bottlings and purchase their beautiful whisky (including entire casks!) at


If you’re ready to take the plunge and join the club, please click here. We also offer gift memberships if you’d like to have bottles delivered to friends, family or colleagues.