August 2022 – Summerton Whisky Club Small Batch 01

Summerton Whisky Club’s August 2022 Club Bottle
Small Batch 01: Swedish Single Malt Whisky

It’s never great for a planned Club Bottle to be cancelled by the brand at short notice, but when it happened for our August Club Bottle it gave me the opportunity to do something I’ve been working on for a while… create our own bottling that is completely us.

As our first I wanted to start with a distillery that was important to the growth of our Club, the first to deal with us directly and see the potential in what we were doing (when they supplied our October 2018 Club Bottle, Gruvguld) as well as the brand I ran the UK marketing for for a year to help fund the Club in its infancy.

Small Batch 01 was distilled at the Mackmyra Bruk Distillery, Sweden’s first whisky distillery, founded by eight friends in 1999 who wondered why Sweden didn’t make its own whisky.

This distillery was replaced by their Gravity Distillery in Gävle in 2011, ensuring we are tasting a piece of Swedish whisky history from where there isn’t much liquid left.

And with a new Master-Blender and team running Mackmyra the brand will undoubtedly go in a new direction, therefore this is our chance to enjoy where it started before it does.

We have used mainly ex-bourbon casks, as I feel that best shows off whisky from Mackmyra Bruk, with some new American oak, new Swedish oak and ex-Oloroso to add depth. 

The whisky we have vatted is of various ages, with the oldest being fourteen years old.

Member’s Photo Competition

As always, we will be running a Member’s Photo Competition this month. To enter, share a picture with your bottle on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag us (@SummertonClub) and use #SummertonWhiskyShots. Every picture you share gets you an entry and there’s no limit to how many times you can enter.