You spoke, we listened

Posted July 26th at 9:54pm

Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to answer our questionnaire and comment on how we can improve. From all the responses we received we saw two main changes we could make to improve your experience of our members club. 

Firstly, you suggested that we change the our picture settings, so we now include our Summerton Gardens in our photos, adding more colour and sharing a passion of ours. We are really happy that you wanted this change as we love to share our flowers, our gardens are how we relax away from finding and sending amazing bottles of spirits to you all. 

Whilst the gardens have been struggling with the heat wave this summer, our roses have been a delight, which is why we have chosen to share them daily on our Instagram page.

Secondly, we have reviewed our membership costs, reducing our fee to £50 per delivery. This is now live and from August onwards we will only charge our members £50, we hope you enjoy the saving :)
Have a look at our home page and you will see both changes are now live, just like this:

Thank you to all members, as you agreed with this change, so we could move everyone onto the new pricing at once.

Please keep letting us know your thoughts on The Summerton Club, so we can keep improving your experience...we're in this together :)