Summerton Gardens

Posted June 19th at 5:47pm

Some of you may have noticed that we have been a bit quieter the last couple of weeks, that's because I was on holiday :) 

I returned yesterday and was greeted with the amazing sight of Summerton Gardens in full bloom. It's fantastic to see the Gardens fully shake off the slumber of the lengthened winter this year, with vibrant colours everywhere. The bees, dragonflies and butterflies are floating throughout, the apple trees that make our special Summerton Cider are full of fruit, the strawberries and currants are ripe and ready, and of all the flowers the roses are wonderful, brightening up all areas of the Gardens. 

Some of you will have noticed a change in our Instagram posts, which is something that will be continued throughout all our work...Summerton Gardens and the flowers within will be far more prominent. They make us happy and are something we are proud of, so we will enjoy sharing this with you.

Here are some of the great sights in Summerton Gardens, I hope you enjoy :)