Summer Drinks: Spirits and Cocktails

Posted May 13th at 9:17pm

Gin and the Gin 'n' Tonic has rekindled the nation's desire for great tasting spirits. The rise of the craft distiller saw gin lead the way due to its short time to produce a great craft spirit and become cool, but now we are broadening our horizons, delving further into the drinks cabinet, and the march of the makers has led us there, with new whisky distilleries popping up across the British isles over the past few years, many of which also produce gin to ensure an income whilst their make spirit matures into whisky (at least three years). As well as enjoying the wealth of choice of home grown masterpieces (apple brandy being a particular favourite of mine), we have also been searching out the classics. Rum is destined to have a big couple of years ahead of it, and Cognac and Armagnac are finding their way back to these shores in ever-growing volumes. The key is quality, we may be drinking less, but when we do we desire more of an experience. 

With this in mind, there are two main trends for cocktails in front of us this summer...the resurgence of classic cocktails and that rum feels like it has the ability to bottle some of the Caribbean sun and fun from where it was distilled, making it the perfect summer spirit.
Here are some cocktail ideas that will impress your friends this summer, starting with a Whisky twist on a classic for those that want to stay with their Gin:

Smoky Martini - Whisky twist on a gin classic
Sidecar - A timeless brandy sour
Rum Old Fashioned - A well-aged dark rum makes this
Rob Roy - The Scotch take on a Manhattan

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