Summer Drinks: Festivals and Camping - what we take

Posted May 16th at 4:13pm

We've been asked a few times what drinks we take with us to festivals and when we're camping, so I thought it best to share my answer.

The ease of use of premixed cocktails/long drinks in a can, such as Gin 'n' Tonic, Whiskey 'n' Coke or a Mojito, ensures they will be extremely popular on campsites this summer. With more being launched on what feels like a daily basis, there's a wide range to choose from. However, these premixed cocktails still have a long way to go when it comes to flavour, so if like me you have grown out of cheap and easy, and flavour is key to the experience, I recommend a different tact.

Sipping neat spirits is a dangerous game at festivals that can leave you in a state very early in the day, yet dragging your home bar with you isn't an option, so I keep it simple...a lovely aged bottle of rum, something you'd be happy to drink neat on ice, some cloudy lemonade and ginger beer. With these three you can make two summery long drinks, that will stand you head and shoulders above the cans that others invariably bring, whether that be warm beer, cheap cider or now, premix cocktails. 

The one piece of advice I'd give is you're going to need to take extra, as if you have the nicest drinks on the campsite, everyone will want some :)