Summer Drinks: Drinks for your Barbecue

Posted May 24th at 8:59pm

Summer time is Barbecue time for so many of us. Historically Barbecues have been synonymous with cold cheap lager, however as our tastes have evolved many are looking for something different to accompany their grilled meat. This summer there are two styles of drink that will go well with your hopefully not too charred food, Summer Cocktails and a good quality, wonderfully aged spirits.

For me Rum is at the heart of a summer cocktail, for it can take you on holiday with just one sip, close your eyes and you can feel the Caribbean sun on your skin, hear the waves gently lapping in the distance mixed in with chilled out vibes floating on the air, taste the fresh ingredients in everything you eat and drink. There are so many possibilities when it comes to rum, but something that is great for a barbecue that can be easily scaled up for guest is a Rum Punch. In a Rum Punch rum's sunshine flavour mixes with more warm summer aromas, perfect for any sunny day.

Whilst a rum cocktail compliments the sun, a great bottle of well-aged spirit's bold flavours are there for the meat and smoke. A great Bourbon sits well with any flamed steak, Scotch emboldens beef burgers, Rum's summer notes sit will with chicken, and there's so much more, but the idea is simple, strong flavours can sit very well with one another. The added benefit is that these spirits are a fantastic star ingredient in your marinade...try adding a glug of neat drink to your marinade to take it to the next level.

Here's where The Summerton Club is really useful, as a premium spirits members club we curate and deliver only the finest alcohol from around the world (whisky, bourbon, rum, brandy, Cognac, Calvados, Armagnac and more) directly to your door. We do the searching so members relax and enjoy the drinking.

This summer my drinks cabinet is ready for Barbecue season, stock with Depaz's Port Cask Finish Rhum Agricole (perfect in any cocktail and even better neat, on ice), an Edradour Cask Strength 14 Year Old Scotch Whisky (this will only be drunken neat and a little will find its way into a marinade) and Delord's L'Authentique Bas-Armagnac (I do love a classic and this thirty year old Armagnac will be brought out at the end of the barbecue as the perfect finale), all courtesy of the Summerton Club.