Father's Day: Struggling To Find The Right Gift For My Dad Is Why I Founded The Summerton Club

Posted June 1st at 10:56pm

It's June now and Father's Day is not far away, who's got their gift for Dad already sorted? 

It was this situation that gave me the impetus to start The Summerton Club. Two years ago I knew what I wanted to get Dad, it was simple, I wanted a bottle of fantastic aged spirit to be delivered to his door every month.  I wanted it to be a different bottle every month, so there would be an element of surprise and excitement every month, and importantly the bottles needed to be something you wouldn't get in the supermarket or everyday brands...this was to be special. 
I thought that there must be someone doing it, after all there was the Craft Gin Club in the UK and some clubs doing exactly what I wanted in the US, but after a long search I found nothing that would be the right gift for dad. 

Instead of getting Dad the premium spirits subscription as I wanted, I had go out and find the bottles myself. I asked around and found that many friends had struggled to find a good gift for their dads, and that they would love to gift their dads a craft aged-spirits subscription.  They particularly liked the idea that someone would do all the hard work finding these masterpieces and getting them to their dad, whilst they got the praise for the wonderful gift.

So as no-one else was doing it, people wanted it and I was already doing the searching for Dad,  I decided to create an alcohol subscription club allowing others to gift this unique experience to someone special in their lives...The Summerton Club was born.

The Summerton Club is now here, sharing beautifully-aged bottles of delight to our members every month. We mainly focus on the main three of Whiskies (Bourbon, Whiskey, Whisky), Brandies (Armagnac, Cognac, Grappa) and Rums (Cacha├ža, Rum, Rhum, Ron), but as part of introducing our members to new experiences I am contemplating something a bit different once a year, such as an aged tequila...but I haven't found the right one yet, as it has to be as special and great to sip as the main three. Take a look at our Bottles of the Month to see the masterpieces we have already sent out to our members...I hope there's a few you haven't heard of on there. A good example of how we try to bring new experiences to our members is our May Bottle of the Month is a fantastic Peruvian Rum, not many are aware that there are sugarcane plantations and distilleries in Peru. Ron Cartavio XO is in my opinion the best rum currently distilled and aged in Peru, so I feel that this is the right bottle to share to allow members to hopefully experience their first rum from Peru.

We are also working with a few master-distillers to bring our members bottles not available in the UK, ensuring we create new experiences for our members and ensure they feel special. Of particular note from my meetings in the last month is a Greek Grappa whose make spirit is the best I've ever tasted for a brandy, I'll be getting hold of some of their aged Grappa soon to see if they have built on their great start (it's all handmade and aged in small batches, and is only available in the Greek region where it's made). Others that I'm looking to bring over to the UK for the first time include an Organic Calvados and a divine Cognac from a tiny Cognac House, but only if they meet the grade to be a Bottle of the Month. I can't tell you too much more as I don't want to ruin the surprise of what you might get on your doorstep.

One final thing that I believe is important is that as well as sending out wondrous expressions and brands that none of your friends have even heard of, we need to provide great value for money, for that reason I won't send anything out that I believe our members could purchase themselves for cheaper than the membership fee. Don't believe me? Check out our previous deliveries and let me know if you can find them cheaper...if you can I may need to bring you into the team as a buyer :)

So for this Father's Day, if you are struggling to find the right gift for him, have a look at gifting Summerton Club membership, as I've been there and am now trying to provide you with a great present for dad.