Our Favourite Autumn Drinks

Posted September 5th at 1:30pm

At the start of Autumn, whilst there's still warmth in the air the first thing I think of is apples...eating them straight from the tree, juicing them for a refreshing drink and most fun, making cider and apple brandy. I am also a big fan of a wonderfully-aged dark rum, as often rum feels like it has the ability to bottle some of the Caribbean sun and fun from where it was distilled, helping extend the summer warmth into autumn.

Therefore at this time I have three favourite drinks:

Rum & Apple Juice - freshly squeezed apple juice and a wonderfully-aged dark rum combine fantastically to imbue sunshine flavours and thoughts. Great with ice on a warm day and awesome heated on a colder day.

Applejack Flip - Dating back to when apple brandy was the main drink of the US, it is one of America's oldest cocktails. You need a well-aged, lovingly crafted apple brandy to get the most out of this drink.

Rum Old Fashioned - Rum's take on the classic.

As Autumn draws on and Winter approaches, I like my drinks to add a little more warmth, which is when a great well-aged Brandy, such as a XO Cognac, or a bold Bourbon, are my neat drinks of choice. When I do have a long drink, it will generally be warmed, my current favourite on the recent cold nights being a Spiked Southern Tea. Whilst there are many takes on an alcoholic tea, the combination of bourbon and maple syrup in a Spiked Southern Tea is something special, with bourbon’s maple undertones enhanced by the syrup.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we are.