A great idea for membership

Posted June 28th at 9:40pm

I had a great chat with one of our members today, who told me what he uses his membership for, I thought it was a really good idea so I'm sharing it with you all. 

This member, James, told me that he likes to have one of our full bottles in his cupboard at all times, so always has a gift ready for friends and family on birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers - his idea, not mine :) - etc. He suggested that as every bottle was so nice and often rare/unknown, he always knew he would have something great to share with loved ones, and even better, he said he loved that the bottles were delivered straight to his door so he didn't have to make any effort to give such great gifts.

He did say he has a couple of bottles for himself too, but I thought that this was a really nice idea of spreading joy. So that's another idea of what to do with your membership, gift a few bottles as presents to those you care about. 
As I've already mentioned previously, I started The Summerton Club as a result of trying to get some great bottles as a gift for my dad, so this is definitely something I agree with...but I never thought of gifting the bottles to many people over the year, so great idea James (you may find a little something extra in your next delivery as a little gift to you).