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Mackmyra Moment Skogshallon

Our club bottles are usually a surprise – but we just can’t keep this one to ourselves any longer as we have something really special coming next month! If you join the club by October 4th 2019, you’ll be receiving a very special single malt whisky that no one else in the UK will be able to hold of. Mackmyra Moment Skogshallon Swedish Single Malt Whisky will be available exclusively via the Summerton Whisky Club in the UK. With an RRP of £115 members are getting a fantastic deal, as you will pay your standard membership fee of £50 for this delivery.

As well as the great value, members will each get one of the only 1,511 bottles that will ever be produced of this limited run masterpiece.

This elegant single malt whisky has been finished in Swedish Wild Raspberry Wine casks, that previously held Bourbon. Skogshallon also draws its flavour new American oak barrels, resulting in natural berry tones and a fruity whisky with notes of red berries, vanilla, sour candies, tobacco leaves and toasted oak barrels.

The ‘Moment’ series from Mackmyra are a range of limited edition whiskies from their most exclusive casks, handpicked by Master Blender Angela D’Orazio. Each edition comes in a distinguished black carton with a specific colour scheme and a modern bottle design with an engraved metal plaque.

Join by October 4th 2019 to receive our next delivery, shipping on October 20th.

Summerton Whisky Club – 3 Mobile, Summerton Whisky Club

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I’m liking what I see so far. I had looked at another well known subscription service but thought I might as well spend the money on whisky instead. I then stumbled across Summerton Club and thought it was a great idea. Seeing the previous bottles, I was sold. It’s an affordable way to get into a great selection of drinks. There’s a level of exclusivity but without the price tag.


Summerton Whisky Club – 3 Mobile, Summerton Whisky Club


I joined the Summerton Club in July 2018. Since then I have received three deliveries – and I have to say the quality of the whiskies sent has far exceeded my expectations – the Mossburn No 2 at Christmas was a particularly pleasant surprise, as was the Mackmyra Gruvguld – one I’d not heard of, and after checking around doesn’t seem to be available for sale in the UK.


Summerton Whisky Club – 3 Mobile, Summerton Whisky Club


I’d been interested in Whisky for quite some time, but was struggling to get away from the ‘common’ pub whiskies… With the Summerton Club I get to try some really interesting tipples I’d not have chosen myself.


Summerton Whisky Club – 3 Mobile, Summerton Whisky Club

Here's an ideaWhy not start a Whisky Club with your friends?

Some of our members have done just that - they meet with friends and family every other month after they receive their delivery, and split the cost of the subscription - so, 5 friends pay £5 a month each and get to share a wonderful whisky in good company... all that you need to decide is who looks after the bottle between meets!